To fully tell our story, we invite you to travel with us through the time machine. Jordi Roca believes he has been addicted to sweet entertainment for more than 15 years. He feels an absolute need to illustrate his life in sweet creations. A walk, a landscape, an aroma, a story, a noise, a transgression, an emotion, any path can lead us to creativity. Freedom and freshness. Radicality and extremism. He likes to play to the limit, irreverently and breaking moulds. Ale Rivas began to take an interest in cooking from her grandmother and her mother, who instilled in her a passion for cooking, which led her to study at the Escuela Único de Alimentos y Bebidas of Mexico. After passing through several restaurants, she managed to fulfil one of her dreams, to be able to enjoy a stage in El Celler de Can Roca. Her first work experience in the Roca house was in the savoury kitchen, but very soon she passed into the sweet world, in which she became the head of pastry, observing and learning from the passion and creativity of Jordi Roca’s sweet creations.

We thought it would be fun to walk through the streets of Girona offering the desserts of El Celler de Can Roca from the petit four cart. The idea was motivating and brilliant, but we encountered restrictions in the municipal regulations, so we chose to park the petit four cart of in a central establishment in the city of Girona. Our passion for ice cream made us venture into this world, and that’s how Rocambolesc was born. And why Rocambolesc? Its meaning is “extraordinary and unlikely”, we also find "Roca" within the word, we loved it, and that’s how we chose this name for our ice cream shops. We wanted Rocambolesc to evoke a fantasy world for both children and adults, and for this reason we want our customers to be able to feel they’re in another world when they enter any of our ice cream shops. In the initial process of preparation and creation of the ice creams, there was a fun synergy between Jordi Roca’s desserts and the ice creams. Toppings became the perfect alternative for the ice creams to become the full version of the dessert. Over the years, our ice creams have created their own personality and identity, not only inspired by Jordi Roca’s desserts but also by a trip, an aroma, a product, a memory... all of these can become an ice cream. Sharing our passion for ice cream is a dream come true for us, a lovely way to live the sweet world. Bringing sweetness and magic into the world is a wonderful life mission. Discover the most Rocambolesc adventures through our videos…

  • Play-Doh x Jordi Roca


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