Rocambolesc creations can be customized! Our goal is to create a different and unique taste experience. But what if you can also add a unique message or image to give it your final touch? Whether it's incorporating fun icons, thank you messages or adding a fun touch. Check out the customization catalog to see some of the interesting ways we can make Rocambolesc candies even more special. Whether it's private events, anniversaries, weddings or other special occasions, our team will be happy to help you create your own version of Rocambolesc.


    Are you looking to impress your clients, reward your team or celebrate special occasions? Our Rocambolesc corporate gifts are the perfect choice! They are sure to leave a lasting impression. Each gift comes in attractive packaging that can also be personalized with the message of your choice or your company logo. It's the perfect way to show appreciation and build lasting bonds.


    Enhance the gastronomic experience of your hotel or restaurant with our Rocambolesc ice creams, sweets and handmade chocolates! Chocolates and gummies made with high quality products, offering a unique way to end meals with creations that stand out for their distinctive flavors and shapes. You can get creative by using our ice creams to create your own recipes and dishes, or offer petit fours at the end of your menu. Explore through the catalog this collection designed to inspire both the spaces in your establishment and the palates of your customers! Ask our team for any additional details or accompaniments you may need.


    We recreate our Rocambolesc world wherever you are. To offer our most outstanding products. From ice cream, popsicles, sweet creations and even our latest Rocambolesc Bikinería.

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If you want more information or a personalized quote on how to have the Rocambolesc Trolley, our corner in your wedding or details for your team and guests. Contact us and we will be happy to inform you.


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