Book Cooking the Mediterranean


Book Cooking the Mediterranean



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  • Description:

    Joan Roca's new book. A tribute to Mediterranean cuisine.

    We share a luminous book. A meeting of different cuisines and cultures, focused with the same light, the same intensity, the same landscape. We are Mediterraneans and our sea has been a communication route with folds of cultures for centuries and today it maintains the same vitality, beauty, and charm of an ancient and rich gastronomic culture. Throughout civilizations, the Mediterranean has been a gastronomic communication highway. Through it, merchants have passed throughout history, precious goods such as vines, olives, and wheat have been a common thread in the landscapes that embrace them. They have also been a source of cultural exchange and mestizaje. In this book, you will find 80 simple recipes from all over the Mediterranean, a celebration of the flavors, aromas, preparations, and traditional techniques of the most authentic and diverse Mediterranean to prepare at home and enjoy with family and friends. Sweet and savory dishes, vegetable, fish, meat, dessert, to share and to eat with your hands, that will take you on a journey through the Mare Nostrum that we love so much.


    Publisher: Columna Edicions.

    Pages: 224


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